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ma final english literature principles of criticism p5 2018

M.A. (Final) EXAMINATION, 2018



Principles of Criticism

Note :- The paper will contain ten questions having two questions from each unit. The candidates are required to attempt five questions in all, selecting at least one question from each unit.


1. Aristotle said, "All art is an imitation" Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.


Write brief notes on any two of the following:

(i) Hamartia

(ii) Peripety

(iii) Essentials of character

2. Illustrate the concept of Theory of Rasas' and its constituents.


3. “Dryden was a classicist in his upbringing but a modern in his outlook.” Discuss.

4. “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility." How does the statement reflect Wordsworth's concept of poetry?


Elaborate S.T Coleridge's distinction between Imagination and 'Fancy'.


5. Make an appraisal of the 'Touchstone method' advocated by Arnold in 'The Study of Poetry'.

6. Do you believe that Eliot's essay 'tradition and individual talent' is a manifesto of his critical creed ?


7. Give a detailed analysis of F.R. Leavis assessment of Keats as a 'poet'.

8. Critically analyse the term 'Deconstruction as a modern critique of 'text' and 'meaning'.


9. Genette establishes the differences between formalism' and Structuralism' by citing limitations of the former and importance of the latter. Evaluate critically with suitable illustrations.

10. Make a critical analysis of Showalter's Towards a feminist poetics'.

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