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ma final english literature poetry and drama victorians to moderns p6 2018

M.A. (Final) EXAMINATION, 2018


Sixth Paper

(Poetry and Drama - Victorians to Moderns)


Attempt any five questions in all, selecting at least one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks. (Q.2. to 11 words limit is 500 words).


1. Explain with reference to the context any four of the following extracts in about 125 words each, adding critical comment where required:

(a) That moment she was mine, mine, fair,

Perfectly pure and good : I found

A thing to do, and all her hair

In one long yellow string I would

Three times her little throat around,

And strangled her.


(b) Sickness broke bim, Impatient, he cursed at first, but mended

Being anointed and all; though a heavenlier heart began some

Months earlier, since I had our sweet reprieve and ransom

Tendered to him. Ah well, God rest him all road ever he offended!


(c) Osages standing in God's holy fire

As in the gold mosaic of a wall,

Come from the holy fire, perae in a gyre,

And be the singing-masters of my soul


(d) The tears of the world are a

constant quantity. For each one

who begins to weep somewhere

else another stops. The same is

true for laugh.


(e) But superstition, like belief, must die,

And what remains when disbelief has gone ?

Grass, weedy pavement, brambles, buttress, sky,


(f) I parted the blades above

the tunnel and saw the thin

trail of broken white across

litter, I would never have

imagined the slow passion

to that deliberate progress.


(g) It wouldn't be anarchy, you know; he can't be right there ! All it would be, is: you live and I live - we don't need his duty, we don't need his Word - a dead man's a dead man ! We could call it all paid for ! Your life and my life - make our Own road, we don't follow nobody.


2. Comment on Robert Browning's writing style in reference to Grammarian's Funeral.

3. Critically analyze the poem "The Wind hover"

4. In "The Wasteland" death and life are the same. Discuss.


5. Critically analyze the poem "The Whitsun Wedding".

6. Critically analyze the poem "My Sad Captains".

7. Write the critical appreciation of 'Digging' by Seamus Heaney.


8. What philosophical questions does Estragon raise in the play "Waiting for Godot" ?

9. What are the main themes of the play "Loyalties" by John Galsworthy ?


10. What is the relevance of the title in "Sergeant Musgrave' Dance" ?

11. Evaluate "The Birthday Party" as an absurdist play.

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