Q.1. Write about the concept and kinds of Property. Q. 2 What are the different modes of acquiring property? Q.3 : When does registration amount to notice? Q.4 : Write a short note on Actionable claim. Q. 5 : Explain the concept and types of notice under The Transfer of Property Act, 1882. Q.6 : Describe vested interest and explain its nature. Q.7 : "Law leans in favour of early vesting of the estates". Discuss. Q.8 : Who is an ostensible owner? Does the Transfer of Property Act make any exception to the general rule that a person can not confer a better title to the property than he himself has in it ? Q. 9 : Define a Sale. What are the essentials of a Valid Sale? Explain. Q.10 : Discuss the remedies available after completion of sale.